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Beautiful Outdoors Provides Sprinkler and Irrigation Winterization for the Entire KC Metro Area

It’s that time of the year again for us to shut down sprinkler system in your yard or business.  Shutting down the system is imperative to prevent freeze damage over the winter.  Frozen water in the lines can cause split pipes and broken valves, which can be both costly to repair and cause high water bills.  Normal sprinkler systems are not below frost line which makes it subject to freezing.  Even though the majority system is under ground the lines are not deep enough to avoid freezing. 

Ease your worries and let the professionals at Beautiful Outdoors take care of your system.  We make sure the water lines are shut down and compressed air is used to blow out the lines.  We offer professional sprinkler services, so nothing gets missed.  Do not wait for it to get to cold to damage your system.  Give us a call and schedule your shut down today.  

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