Irrigation Services

Irrigation Installation – Beautiful Outdoors will design & install an irrigation system custom built to your home and landscape. Since each property’s needs are different, the components & layout of the irrigation system is unique to each property. Our qualified professional staff have years of experience in the green industry. Whether your property is large or small, Beautiful Outdoors can design a custom irrigation system for you. Beautiful Outdoors offers a one year warranty on all parts and labor with all new irrigation installations.

Irrigation System Maintenance – It is important to maintain your system at least once a year for optimal use. We have designed a maintenance plan that is convenient and reasonable for you. This plan includes spring and winter maintenance, adjustments, and repairs if necessary.

Irrigation Repairs – The harsh weather in Kansas City can cause your system will never have problems with cracks, leaks or any other type of damage. We will be happy to assist you with diagnosing the problem and discuss the available options for your requests. We offer sprinkler repair services for broken sprinklers, broken pipes, installing water wise sprinklers & irrigation systems, installing low volume / drip irrigation.

Upgrade Your Existing System – Existing systems may require expansion or updating to suit your yard’s needs and changes. Beautiful Outdoors will examine the options for you and assist with any additions that may arise. This includes Irrigation systems that Beautiful Outdoors did not originally install.

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