Irrigation Installation

Beautiful Outdoors designs and installs the best sprinkler system in Kansas City. We use the most recent technologies to ensure your sprinkler system is the most efficient and effective possible. After installing a sprinkler system you will find it is a care free way to improve your yards overall look and health. Strategic watering will else help with foundation issues, insect issues and drought issues common in today’s Kansas City homes.

A sprinkler system in your lawn and landscape will help minimize maintenance time and costs. Flow and pressure from each house is different, which is the major design point with any sprinkler system design. In order to make sure your sprinkler system has the right pipe size, valves and zones to water in an effective and economic way it’s best to rely on the experts.

After installation, Beautiful outdoors sets up each client with a professional maintenance program we have created to help limit issues to the system ages. This ensures savings in watering costs and repairs over the live of your equipment.

At the time of installation we change watering times and do a thorough check of all your irrigation components to ensure proper operation and most effective use.

Our Four Seasons Service Program Includes

  1. Spring Start-Up turn on water and property walk through to check for leaks and potential issues check and adjustment of all sprinkler heads, perform Backflow Testing where required by each municipality
  2. Seasonal changes: Summer Season -check and adjustment of all sprinkler heads and drip lines change watering times to best suit the weather conditions for the season
  3. Seasonal changes: Summer to Fall Season -check and adjust all sprinkler heads and drip lines change watering times to best suit the weather conditions for the season
  4. System winterization blow out all irrigation lines out to prevent freezing.

Since the Kansas City area has 4 distinct seasons that are different each year a maintenance plan ensures total control of your lawn & landscape performance.

Backflow testing is required by some cities and needs to be done once a year. We will perform all the proper backflow procedure testing and submit the results to the city requesting & keep records for 3 years. The limits our customers from any issues of non-compliance in the future.

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